Faster iPhone Screen Repair Is Here

Ever found yourself with a broken iPhone screen and wondering how to get it fixed? Or even better, have you ever needed your phone fixed ASAP for a trip or meeting however didn’t want to pay for it with your entire account balance? Your certainly not alone, and that is exactly why Apple as well as third party PC and laptop repair shops have started filling the need by offering iPhone screen repair services done at a more economical price point and faster turn around time than is usually available. While we would like to think the iPhone is absolutely one of a kind and never to be replicated there are third party OEM replacement parts available on the market that can be used to extend the lifespan of your phone. Of course not all these replacement LCD screens, batteries and technical internal components are not created equally so there is some risk  associated with preforming or having someone else preform the repairs for you. For those confident enough with the small parts and tools themselves there are plenty of detailed instructions and tutorials available online that can help you minimize the possibility of problems.

Cost of iPhone Screen Repair In Philadelphia

The cost of ‘unofficial’ iPhone repair varies wildly depending on which model you have as well as the issue (we’ll be dealing with a broken, cracked or unresponsive display in this case). This is due to the supply of QUALITY components fluctuating. So it’s likely the Philadelphia iPhone repair business your visiting is simply paying more for sufficient quality parts and simply passing on the cost than really gouging you when you pay $30-40 more for a simple iPhone 5 screen replacement. This is pretty common when a new model like the iPhone 6 Plus is released and quality components that can stand up to wear and tear are hard to come by.

We’ve listed the average prices for iPhone screen repair in Philadelphia below to give you an idea of what you can and should be paying for a decent quality screen replacement;

  • iPhone 4/4S – $60-70

  • iPhone 5 – $100

  • iPhone 5S/5C – $100-120

  • iPhone 6 – $140-150

  • iPhone 6+ – $150+


How I Chose An Ottawa Bookkeeping Service

When I first started my iPhone repair business here in Ottawa, a big initial concern of mine was getting my books and finances handled without breaking the bank or spending too much. The first few months or even years can be hard for small businesses trying to gain traction whether it be brick and mortar or online and I knew that going in. I’ve definitely heard the recommendations from friends and associates who told me the cost of a routine bookkeeper would be well worth it, but I was still uneasy with the costs. This post will explain how I got over that uneasiness and found myself an awesome Ottawa accounting and bookkeeping solution that keeps me satisfied.

How Do You Choose A Bookkeeper in Ottawa?

Since I wasn’t even sure if my iPhone and iPad repair business would be a success, you can imagine how I was careful with the financial commitments I was making. I spoke with a few local accountants and bookkeepers and was surprised to find I could get pretty comprehensive bookkeeping services and packages starting from $200. With recurring fianacial servcies like this in Ottawa, the best part is you can prepay for a certain allotment of months and get an excellent discount. This is an aswesome deal considering getting your quarterly HST submissions and ITC’s organized by a professional who takes on all the responsibility for making sure all the details are organized and done correctly.For unorganized people like myself, the idea of having a designated bookkeeper guide me in the right direction, one that has experience dealing with early stage business development is excellent.

To make the case for your own small business accountant even better you can usually get a pretty decent discount on your annual tax returns for your business as well as your individual earnings. Having the same qualified accountant do both can easily drive down the possibility of any problems or errors occurring. There can be an almost infinite number of problems that occur with new and fresh business ventures and while some expenses may be questionable, I do think if you can get the right price/value ratio going, this is an absolutely priceless service all entrepreneurs should look into.

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Repairing Your iPhone Just Got Easier

Broken iPhone screens are quite a common occurrence in Charlotte NC, and it’s no wonder this is the case. While
iPhone’s have improved drastically from the days of the original launch in 2007 they are still susceptible to a
cracked or broken screen from even small drops. Also, the more you use your device, the more wear and tear can
cause issues with other your iPhone such as the battery, charging ports and buttons that you use daily. Apple
has a policy of not replacing these individual issues and instead up selling you on a newer device, however
there are cell phone repair options in the Charlotte area available to you, depending on what’s going wrong and
how badly you’ve broken your iPhone.

Easy Fixes For Broken iPhone Screens

For the most common issue, which is always a broken or cracked screen you can actually take your device
straight to the nearest Charlotte Apple Store nearest to you and trade in your broken iPhone for an entirely new device
which has been certified refurbished and sent to your home within 24 hours. The cost for this is $200, which
may seem steep but you are getting a certified official replacement device and it’s in your hands pretty fast
so the convenience and trust factor usually gets people pretty good. If you opted for the official Apple Care
upsell when you initially picked up your iPhone, this is absolutely free for two broken devices then the $200
charge kicks in. Often with electronics the extended warranty is not worth the price but in this case we can’t
recommend it enough especially given how easily the screen can crack or even become unresponsive from small
drops. Having that option at your disposal right away is definitely priceless and you get two replacements
which should cover even the most clumsy user.
Your alternate option is third party iPhone repair services which have exploded in popularity due to lack of
support for older devices and smaller issues. For users with the older iPhone 4 or first generation iPhone 5 a
decrease in battery life or the charging port becoming ineffective is a common problem. Apple themselves do not
warranty these issues, especially past one year so a third party solution is often the most cost effective and
convenient. For example, the standard lithium-ion battery used in your 2 year old iPhone 4S can actually be
replaced by an OEM quality replacement in as little as 1 hour by an experienced technician. Considering the
alternative is a brand new device costing now close to $1,000 in the case of the iPhone 6, this is an excellent